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Marcel Sirois(non-registered)
"Maybe you can go back home" Great story Monica! We did indeed enjoy our weekend together. Thanks for stopping by and sharing some of our stories. Send me more pictures if you can.
Mike Cyr(non-registered)
I have been away from Fort Kent a little over a year now and stumbled across Fiddlehead Focus a couple of months ago and it's great. I can get all the news that the Times would make available and more. It keeps me connected with the Valley. Keep up the great work.
greta martin
Hi Myra,
Did you switch sides? Know you quite a few years. Are you with Fiddlehead Focus Now?
That is something. You have to grow. Fiddlehead Focus is growing by leaps and bounds.
I really do make it a point to get it every week. We learn more in that short little news
letter than the Times.
I will have to pay more attention and get some articles in Andrew's paper.
Congratulations again! Good fortune could not happen to a nicer woman.
Sheila Dube(non-registered)
Hi there Myra,
Congratulations, good for you and I also would like to know how to get a subscription. Enjoy your new adventure, you'll be great. Take care
Michael Corriveau(non-registered)
Congratulations to Myra; Hope all is well up north. What a great job you guys are doing to spread the news. Web site is also great. Just wondering why Van Buren was not part of the coverage area. Besides that, I enjoyed reading and scanning over your articles and pictures. Again great job, and thanks for sharing the news.
Sandra Pitre(non-registered)
I so want to Congratulate Myra for her new Job... she will be a GREAT ASSET to your company!!! Very dedicated person, am so proud of you Myra. Your gain their LOSS, valley times. Let me know how to subscribe to your paper!!! Sending my Best Wishes to Fiddlehead Focus. God Bless You All. Sandra
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